by Hans Pucket

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released April 12, 2018

All songs written by Hans Pucket
Band recorded at Truby King Studios, Melrose
Oli's Vocals recorded at Kōkako Studio, Karangahape Road
Sax and Flute recorded at Fuzzy Vibes
Callum and Jono's vocals, Will's synth and additional percussion recorded at Allenby Abbey
Recorded and Mixed by Oliver Devlin
Mastered by Jonathan Pearce at Kōkako Studio
Album artwork by Callum Devlin

Hans Pucket are
Oliver Devlin - Vocals, Guitar, Piano on 7, Trombone on 8
Callum Devlin - Bass, Vocals on 1,2,5
Jonathan Nott - Drums, Tambourine, Shaker, Vocals on 1,2,5

JY Lee - Tenor and Baritone Sax on 6, Flute on 7
William Evans - Juno 106 on 3
Jonathan Shirley, Trent Williams - claps on 6

Thanks to our friends and family, the Unholy Jam Space, JY, Will Evans, Jon and Liz and the Beths, James Goldsmith, Simon Gooding, Trent, Jonathan Shirley, Timmy and the Allenby Abbey, Gussie, Ezra and Sam, Truby King Studios, Eleanor, Thomas King, George, Louisa, Finn, Eamonn, Alicia, and Abe


all rights reserved



Hans Pucket Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Comfort
comfort, comfort,
we're both sitting in it

I'm allowed to keep to myself
you're allowed to consider your health
got no poverty got no wealth
it's comfort

seems like you got what I lack
you cry out and I cry right back
I'll take your spine and you'll have my back
its comfort

I know they say follow your bliss
hard to tell if it should feel like this
such easeful reasonable comfortableness
Track Name: Mentor
tell me what you want
tell me what you need
I don't know what's right
I don't know what's polite

I try to get you by my side all of the time
I know that I should knock it off
but I haven't got you figured out
I'm pretty tired running about
affecting cool and detached
can't talk or sort it out myself
but I'm getting pretty busy

every time I win
I tear it up again
picking at the sore
forgetting all the talks

not wrong, but not right
I sit somewhere in between
I'm hurting and uncertain
each new development's agony
I need a rest, I need a bath
I need some time by myself
"I'll keep you in the loop" you said
but I'm getting pretty busy

well you said "this is bullshit"
and I said "I'm confused"
and I'm getting pretty busy
Track Name: Straight To My Heart
scared to exist
and be in the company of this
it's not that it's bad
it's just this feeling that I've often had
I've had worse, but each time felt like the first
straight to my heart

I'm growing mould
I'd rather keep to where the sun don't go
then try this again
am I pathetically reluctant and
so strange? I can't quite take this change
straight to my heart

person don't leave
stay beside me as I slowly breathe
I'm gonna die
am I expressing this emotion right?
take my hand, and drive this dagger in
straight to my heart
Track Name: Eczema
want to be alone,
I thought I'd walk home
I've been in my head the whole night
I thought you'd notice
what was on my mind
help me feel a bit less bad
but I've already used up all of whatever we had

I can't even feel it anyway
it's nothing that I can't shake
bits of it have frozen
it seems a duller grey
am I growing up?
do do do do do do doo
packing up my bags I'm on my way
do do do do do do doo

had no love to lose,
until I met you
I was happy at home by myself
but I broke my own heart
and I broke my skin
scratching at the bit of rash
now the infection is spreading taking my other organs in

Theo you stupid pices
what your eye sees is not what my eye sees
only a bit of humour
if I'd have known that I would have dealt with it sooner
tired of learning lessons
as the hours pass I still count the seconds
they say that time goes faster
if I see my nana maybe I'll as her
Track Name: Old U Vs The New U
wake in neutral
nothing to do
clear my head and
start over new
it's the old you vs. the new you

too many days in a row in a row
no it's not gonna be how it was anymore

got myself a job
keeping myself calm
fell into wall
tripping on my tongue
it all turns to static
cause I can't get the buzz

too many days in a row in a row
no it's not gonna be how it was anymore

keeping lazy
from fear of burning out
sorry for my absense
sorry for myself
I'll never get to know you
cause I can't bear the wait

too many days in a row in a row
no it's not gonna be how it was anymore
Track Name: Fuck My Life
who knocked me out of my comfort?
I'll shit on your head
fuck my life
my only
job was
to assess
my needs now I'm
living stressed out of my mind

modern romance
I can't be myself
I'm shit
you're shit
this is it
what we fantasised about
bright eyes
end of times
meaning what we lived like was
nonsense, lifeless
there's no point to it
Track Name: Level Headed
I was craving your attention
thought I knew how you felt
if I was talking to me then maybe I'd get bored as well
come up against my self loathing
where's it all going?
no way of knowing
you keep me calm
when broken bones need some regrowing

you're so level-headed
chill me out
sort my life out
say it I'll forget it
level, level-headed

have I aged and changed?
I can't remember when
I had a thought that felt profound
I'm jaded and bent
crooked, tired and lacking humour
a bitter loser
acidic winner
a salty, saccharine romantic
kiss my chapped lips

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