by Hans Pucket

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queen_daphne keep on rockin in the free world Favorite track: Summer.
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Teesha Grundy Hans Pucket rock my world Favorite track: Illest.
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Abe Straight to NZ Classic hits Favorite track: Illest.
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Ollie Hutton funky groovy danceable bangers! Favorite track: Jalapeño.
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Angus McDonald <3 you guys should make a band twitter Favorite track: Feelings.
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:~) hans pucket u did it again also congratulations on externalising the gorgeous sounds in this album through yr album art. Favorite track: Summer.
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released January 19, 2016

Recorded at Truby King Studios, Melrose,
Allenby Abbey, and Halley's Ln, Te Aro

Hans Pucket are
Oliver Devlin - Vocals, Guitar, Juno
Callum Devlin - Bass, Tambourine, Shaker
Jonathan Nott - Drums

Jonathan Shirley, Trent Williams - claps

all songs written by Hans Pucket
recorded and mixed by Oliver Devlin
album art by Callum Devlin


all rights reserved



Hans Pucket Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Stranger
grow new skin on my old skin
you don't like it but I need the progress
on the top of some kind of hill
and I'd like to see the view

please stand back and watch the students as
their youth embarrasses and you seem to know that
I'm the stranger, I've got many things to do

walk madly and wander sadly
you offer kindness and I receive it gladly
looking out for the things I need
and they're coming straight to me

if life's a nuisance, embrace your accidents
lose your attitude and you'll lose your baggage
I did it badly, now I'm the stranger I've got many things to do
I'm the stranger, I've got many things to do
to do
Track Name: Feelings
I'm alone in my feelings
they can't touch, can't hear me
out there, out there
out where the insincere is the only air

and I'm growing uncomfortable
I wasn't made for this environment

you're the only one I've found so far
Track Name: Illest
holding it down for me, you're my safety
I could easily bust, but I won't
could feel perilous, but I don't
you said we author our stories every time we're alone
I sort piles and piles of notes
I could grow old, but I don't
I could feel capable, but I don't

I feel ill when I can't describe
why I feel ill I just feel ill inside
and I don't like, don't like to lie
makes me feel bad, makes me feel ill inside
and I try, oh I try to be nice
and I never even take my own advice
and I still think that I try
though now I can't sleep

fingers against the glass
either side only seconds apart
and maybe I'm colder at night
or it could be the cold blue light
and I feel bad but i say I feel tired cause I can't describe
and I try to be nice, but I fail sometimes
Track Name: Summer
summer is coming
true love is coming
I want to meet you
when the mud dries up
and the grass comes back
and my love is there

oh no, I need attention
oh no, I need direction
deep from the strangeness
comes a single voice
and a fading voice
I can't hear it anymore

too much of something
not enough of the main thing
why don't we try it all
and at last we'll sit
when I'm sure of it
when I know its there
they've got no idea

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